Community Involvement

From junior livestock auctions to coaching Little League teams, Carson believes in the supporting and building the community in which we live and work. It is one of our corporate values. Below represents some of our community-based activities. For information regarding sponsorship, please fill out the form below.

Bob & Matt Zachary Memorial
Golf Tournament

Carson | Bob and Matt Zachary Memorial | Prineville OR

For the past several years, Dusty Corwin – Branch Manager in Prineville, has been sponsoring a team that plays in the Bob & Matt Zachary Memorial Golf Tournament. Matt passed away in 2008, a week before he graduated from high school. Matt had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, an enlarged heart, a condition that he actually had from birth that went undetected for 18 years. The heart condition that Matt suffered from is mostly seen in athletes and can be prevented through heart screenings. The proceeds from the tournament are split into four different elements:

  1. The ministry, where they help families that have lost a child
  2. Assisting schools in purchasing defibrillators, sports equipment, and other needed items
  3. Assisting children in the screening process for this heart condition
  4. The St. Charles Heart Foundation

Clark County Junior Livestock Auction

The JLA is associated with the FFA and the 4H. The programs are designed to teach their members valuable leadership skills that will benefit them in any career they may choose. Each member is responsible for an animal project. They learn the meaning of responsibility, hard work, and the basics of running a small business.

The members will invest hundreds of hours during the course of the year with daily feedings, cleaning, and handling of their project animals, in order to prepare them for the annual fair. Professional livestock evaluators judge the animals, and those that meet established market quality standards will be auctioned off at the fair.

Rod Logue has been our Carson brand ambassador for this organization. Carson donated $600 in “add-ons.” Add-ons are a way of supporting the members of the JLA without purchasing an entire animal. They usually range from $10-$50. In addition, we also donated a Delo Toolkit to each member. Many members were so excited to own their own toolkit stating, “Now, I don’t have to ask my dad if I can borrow his tools!”