Corey McCort

Chief Operating Officer 

Corey McCort brings over twenty years of experience to his current role of Chief Operating Officer at Carson. Passionate about the customer experience, employee development and community engagement, he leads the stewardship of the Carson brand and corporate values. In his daily work, Corey heads sales and marketing, internal and external communications, strategy, operations and revenue growth. Corey believes that organizations need loyal and dedicated customers, employees, and communities to experience healthy and sustained growth. His efforts begin and end with Carson’s three most important stakeholders in mind: the customers of Carson, the people of Carson, and the communities served by Carson.

In Corey’s view, Carson exists to provide products and services that are of value to their loyal customers. He constantly strives to achieve partnerships that allow Carson to help its customers market their products and services better. As Carson positions its customers to strategically manage and grow their business, Carson becomes an integral partner in their success, advancing everyone.

Carson is an organization that attracts and retains the top talent in the industries that it serves. Laser-focused on sustained staffing excellence, Corey spearheads the identification, cultivation and development of the individuals within Carson.

McCort considers communities to be primary stakeholders as well. Giving back to the places where Carson operates and its people live are an integral part of its successful corporate bottom line. Carson has a long standing record of giving back. Founder John Carson demonstrated this belief and gave both time and financial resources to community partners from the earliest days of the company. With an eye on building a robust ecosystem, Carson proudly continues this commitment, encouraging team members at all levels to become more deeply engaged in the communities where they live and work.

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