Kim Steward

Tillamook Branch Manager

Kim Stewart has more than 20 years of experience in the petroleum and petroleum services industry. She has worked with Carson in Tillamook since 2006.

Kim offers that when Carson acquired her family-owned business, the leadership supported autonomy while providing her customers with a more robust array of services. This effort to provide a seamless and supportive transition allowed Kim and her colleagues to retain customers. This dedication to relationships stands true. Tillamook customers rely on the caring, personal connections that they have enjoyed for generations.

Kim values the support that she receives from her Carson family. The extensive resources of Carson are reliably accessible, allowing the Tillamook branch to provide a tailored approach to the particular needs of its customers. This customized responsiveness yields enduring partnerships.

Kim enjoys the fact that Carson leadership encourages her and her colleagues to remain actively involved in local sponsorships that are hallmark aspects of the Tilllamook community.

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