Terry Mohr

Executive Vice President

Terry Mohr joined Carson in 1981 as controller and now serves as executive vice president. In this capacity, Terry serves as member of board of directors, oversees Carson’s entire IT department, and is Carson’s Profit Sharing Trustee. Mohr’s career path reflects his action in effecting positive change in his work. This Oregon native and war veteran finds a like minded goal of building strong communities in the people of Carson. Mohr identifies the distinctly family-oriented culture of Carson as a source of the corporate accountability and passion for serving customers that makes Carson exceptional in its field. 

Terry’s work at Carson focuses on building a strong base of customers and retaining them. He sees retention as a strength at Carson because of the team’s dedication to listening to customers and focusing on their needs. This requires a long term view of the customer relationship, and with more than seven decades in the industry, Carson practices building loyalty and respect as an innate aspect of their business goals.

Terry recognizes the Carson corporate culture as one that honors the delicate balance of grooming excellence within the individual as a channel for improving the overall company. Terry understands that nurturing the well-being and work of the Carson team allows for employee empowerment that translates into confident service within Carson territories and beyond the corporate walls.

Mohr shares that engagement in a variety of civic and industry roles plays a key part in building the capacity of Carson to better serve both customers and team members. Through corporate sponsorship, work on industry councils, and nonprofit fundraising efforts, Terry and Carson executives participate in opportunities that demonstrate a vibrant sense of community responsibility.

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