Will Papenfuss

Chief Financial Officer

Will Papenfuss is Chief Financial Officer at Carson. He is responsible for all matters related to finance and accounting including strategy and planning. Spanning a variety of roles within the financial sector, Will brings several decades of experience to the Carson team. The corporate vision for achieving dynamic success in a way that benefits all stakeholders echoes Will’s approach to his work. Six years into his tenure with Carson, Will continues to see the growth of corporate integrity and accountability that gives confidence to customers and employees alike.

Will became engaged with the Carson culture in his role as their commercial lender. He was impressed with the Carson vision and their tactical plan for success. In Will’s view, one crucial aspect of that plan includes a customer centric culture that is devoted from start to finish to the customer experience to inspire integrity and retention at all check points of the Carson relationship.

In conjunction with a tightly knit, responsive network of team members, Will guides staff in the practice of maximizing profitability and maintaining customer relations while maintaining a firm grip on the corporate values that encourage leadership and excellence in service.

Carson leadership recognizes that their values are two-dimensional without hands and feet to bring life to their guiding principles. Dedicated to building vibrant community within the corporate structure as well as outside the office, Will served until recently as bishop to more than five hundred members at his church. Carson and its people act on the value that respect for the individual yields supportive communities that work together for the greater good.

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