Tom Otte

Director of Maintenance

Tom brings 7 years’ experience in the logistics, warehousing and transportation industries to Carson. He specializes in creating the best fleet experience at the lowest cost possible. His focus on cost control, PM optimization and continuous improvement helps Carson to consistently provide its customers the highest value option in the industry.

Tom is dedicated to doing the right thing for the customer. He also understands that our frontline employees touch our customers every day and are the true face of our company. The relationships they create can make or break a customer’s experience. As such, he firmly believes we must empower our employees to make the right decision for the customer to ensure an amazing experience.

At the end of the day, it’s about building relationships that will last a lifetime. It’s about creating a culture where employees are recognized and rewarded for providing that exceptional customer experience. It’s about taking care of your employees, so they will take care of your customers.

Outside of work, Tom is as committed to the community as he is to our customers. He is actively involved in coaching high school Lacrosse in his local community. Tom believes that sports are an important way to keep today’s youth active and out of trouble. Sports teach children valuable skills that build teamwork and self-esteem. Tom and his wife are expecting their first child in August 2017.

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