A Message From Carson

Valued Customer,

During this unprecedented crisis, both your safety and that of our employees is a top concern. As such, we’d like to take a moment to give you a snapshot of the extensive precautions we began implementing in early March and have continued to rigorously follow since then:

  • Carson has sent around 97 percent of office employees to work from home. We are, however, keeping crews adequate to ensure business continuity onsite. For those team members, Carson has implemented strict policies and procedures for interacting with customers and being in public while working.
  • All employees receive extensive cleaning supplies, procedures and training for site specific work environments depending on their level of need. We’ve provided gloves, hand wipes, sanitizers and cleansers. Specifically, we’re using bleach, Clorox wipes, and Vital Oxide for cleaning seats, handles and any surface that gets touched (Vital Oxide is on the approved list from EPA for killing COVID-19). This is in addition to our regular Personal Protective Equipment that employees are required during normal operations.
  • Drivers clean their trucks before the start of each shift, including all points of contact: buttons, handles, seats, steering wheels – even the adjustment knobs. They will repeat this process throughout the day as needed (for instance after delivery), and again, at their shift’s end. The next driver will repeat this process to ensure redundancy.
  • Additionally, drivers are instructed to use disposable gloves if handing over paperwork (where required), or if receiving any checks, which are then placed into a plastic zip lock bag. They have then been trained to properly remove and dispose of the gloves. Checks are then handed over to credit, which also has cleaning and handling procedures in place.
  • Hand washing is strictly enforced, and all employees, including drivers and our Will-Call team, have put procedures in place to maintain zero contact and at least six-foot distancing with not only customers but their fellow employees as well.
  • Carson branches now have regularly scheduled “stop and clean” intervals throughout the day depending on the location/activity. Except for our convenience stores (which are essential access businesses), non-Carson employees are not allowed in our buildings.
  • Our convenience store employees close our stores for 15 minutes (at least three times a day) to deep clean any high touch surfaces. We’ve also placed tape on the floors to ensure customers maintain the recommended six-foot distance. These lines are throughout the store not just for standing in line.
  • An Enforcement Officer has been assigned at every location to make sure that distancing and cleaning procedures are being followed.
  • We’ve heightened communication at all levels. The executive team meets each morning to make sure all of our departments are getting what they need, and directors/management are holding meetings to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

We’ve implemented these policies and measures with over 400 Carson employees across three states in addition to any one contracted to work for us. Thus far, no Carson employees have tested positive for COVID -19. If an employee tests positive, we will take all necessary precautions as recommended by the CDC. In the meantime, we will continue to maintain the strictest safety standards possible. Thank you and stay safe out there!  

How Can You Help Protect Carson Employees?

  1. Keep a safe social distance of at least 6 feet when Carson staff service your home or business.
  2. Call to set an appointment at a Carson Location before visiting.