Carson Toledo

Newport – Toledo – Lincoln City

Find us at: 308 NW A Street Toledo, OR 97391
Call us at: 541.336.2512
Fax us at: 541.336.2691


About Us

Originally there were four different bulk plants serving the Newport Toledo area. In 2006, Carson bought Hockema Coast Oil in Newport. Then in 2007 Carson bought A.M. Hatton and PMK at the same time. Carson then built a new office, cardlock, and loading facility at the old A.M. Hatton site in Toledo. Five years later Carson then purchased Oberson Oil. An office and cardlock facility also came with the A.M. Hatton purchase in Lincoln City. Carson now has five cardlocks that are run on the Central Oregon Coast. We go as far as Yachats south and up to Hebo north. We split the east route with our Albany office.