Your Source for Propane-Powered Kitchen Appliances & Gear

Carson Propane provides more than your propane fuel. We have a selection of modernized, propane kitchen appliances and outdoor gear. For home appliances, we’ve partnered with Unique Appliances, an innovator in off-the-grid equipment for over 50 years.

Why choose a propane kitchen appliance?

In rural areas, propane is more affordable than electricity. And propane appliances are often more efficient than their electric counterparts, meaning they use less energy to run.

Furthermore, electric power can be unreliable in rural areas. Accessing downed lines is difficult, leading to delayed repairs that might take days or even weeks.  Understandably, rural residents want a reliable, inexpensive alternative to electricity. For many, they turn to propane. Since propane is often already used as a heat source in rural homes, it’s easy to convert kitchen appliances to your existing system.

At Carson Propane, we are propane specialists. And we aim to be your go-to for everything from propane fuel, to appliances, to gear, and beyond.

Why Unique Appliances?

Carson Propane chose to partner with Unique Appliances, first and foremost, because they make great appliances. They specialize in off-grid technology and are innovators in their field. We want the best for our customers, and Unique is the only North-American manufacturer to offer matched pairs of propane fridges and ranges.

Unique Appliances are engineered to use minimal energy. Their refrigerators consume on average between 1.1 and 1.8 lbs of propane per day. This makes them affordable to run and are a healthier choice for the environment.

Unique Appliances have a number of innovations and take into account the unique needs of off-the-grid living. For example, they developed the first battery-operated ignition system in ranges. Unique propane appliances are safe, with both vented and ventless options. They are quiet and unobtrusive, meaning you can hear nature outside instead of the loud hum of a refrigerator.

What appliances does Carson Propane carry?

At our Carson Propane showroom, you’ll find a selection of propane-powered fridges, ranges and freezers. The full line of Unique Appliances include portables, stove-tops with solar, electric, and natural gas options in addition to propane (options vary based on model). As a certified Unique dealer, Carson Propane will gladly order any Unique Appliance on your behalf, with next-day shipping an option for many models.

Although Carson Propane does not install, we can recommend qualified local professionals to safely install your new appliance, whether it be propane powered or not.

What other products can I find at Carson Propane?

We have carefully cultivated an inventory of propane tools and equipment for our off-grid customers. Options range from camping gear, outdoor cooking equipment, greenhouse heaters and more. We also make custom propane hoses up to 12 feet long. Though our onsite inventory may be limited, we have knowledge of and access to hundreds of products. Are you looking for something special or trying to figure out the right propane equipment for your home or business? Give us a call at 541.956.1863 or send us a question below. We’ll gladly help you decide the right fit and custom order on your behalf.