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20% Off LIVE Package

Carson Equipment helps wineries achieve LIVE Certification by reducing water usage and water waste. This trifecta cleans, sanitizes and swells barrels with the least amount of water.

Package Includes:

  • Optima Steamer
  • Hotsy Pressure Washer (qualifying models)
  • Rotating Jet Wand by Alfa Laval (formerly Gamajet)
  • Free Optima Barrel Wand

20% Off Steamers

Dry steam provides chemical-free sanitation with no wastewater run-off or overspray. It penetrates deep into the wood to remove Brettanomyces and other harmful yeast genera. This workhorse can also be used to sterilize bottles, bottling lines, tasting rooms, upholstery — or other areas where you don’t want overspray.


Steam allows for chemical-free cleaning and sanitization of barrels, tanks, foeders, and bottling lines. Optima steamers deliver the most powerful steam on the market, penetrating deep to kill harmful bacteria.

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FREE WAND – $1400 Value

Free with purchase of an Optima steamer! This wand tool creates a seal that sanitizes and swells barrels in minutes, not hours.

20% Off Pressure Washers

A hot-water pressure washer is a not just a key piece of equipment for barrel and tank maintenance. Also use it to clean facilities, vehicles, and other equipment. All Carson pressure washers are backed by a limited 7 year warranty. We service any what we sell, so a Carson pressure washer powers through the dirt for years to come.


The sporty 555SS, with its stainless steel coil skin, is our most popular entry level hot water model—compact, evenly balanced, easy to maneuver, and engineered with the operator in mind.

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The Alkota 5355J pressure washer is ideal for mounting to a trailer, bed or van.  With 3500 psi and 9.5 gallon gas tank, no electricity is required for a powerful flow. Ask us about other Alkota models!

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15% Off Accessories

The less time you spend cleaning up, the more time there is to focus on the income-driving part of your business. We carry a range of specialty pressure washer attachments to get through the cleaning tasks as quickly as possible.

Barrel/Tank Jets

Alfa Laval* is the industry leader in jet technology for tanks and barrels. Alfa Laval jets attach to a pressure washer for a 360° clean. (*Formerly Gamajet)

Undercarriage Cleaner

Hotsy’s Undercarriage Cleaner gets to the most vulnerable, yet hard-to-reach, part of your on-road equipment. Add our Salt Lick Detergent to easily wash away corrosive de-icers.

Hoses & Wands

Carson carries a range of other pressure washer accessories, including, but not limited to, hoses and wands.

More Great Deals – all 15% off

Carson carries hundreds of products to help your facility-maintenance team operate more efficiently. These are just a few of our most popular products. There’s lots more to choose from.

In-Stock Detergents

Food-Safe COVID Disinfectant

Radiant Heaters

At Our Always Great Prices

That’s not all. Carson services have been helping businesses operate since 1938. We offer a range of services to support behind-the-scenes operations. Our goal is to help businesses operate at optimal efficiency, so your team can focus the most on what matters: your customers. Carson is still family-owned right here in Oregon with options for direct-to-you delivery or pick-up at one of our ten regional branches.

lubricants thumbnail image - barrels We carry the most recognized brands of lubricants & greases, including EPA-approved, biodegradable options that meet or exceed ISO specifications. 
keys and card thumbnail image Switching to a fuel-card program not only saves on fuel, it makes it a lot easier at end of month. Your accountant will thank you.

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