Dusty Corwin

District Branch Manager: Central

Dusty Corwin has 18 years of experience in the petroleum and petroleum services industry. He has worked with Carson since 2001 and oversees our branches in Central Oregon and the Columbia River Gorge. 

Dusty integrates the success of his customers into the success of Carson. He takes pride in this alignment and acknowledges that this perspective creates a foundation for achievement based on thoughtful action. Dusty includes a comprehensive approach to addressing challenges that arise as part of a long game strategy to maintain dynamic partnerships.

Dusty appreciates the tone of respect at the executive level of Carson. He shares that principled leadership filters through the talent pool and training practices. This yields a spirit of service within all operations. Accountability and transparency provide the baseline characteristics for healthy relationships in the workplace.    

Dusty endorses his Crook County 4-H with sincere enthusiasm, subsidizing expenses to allow young people in his community to fully engage in these activities. From local rodeos to little league involvement, Dusty is passionate about equipping even the youngest members of the community with the skills they need to prepare them for a bright future.

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