Jeff Rouse

Executive Vice President

Jeff Rouse joined Carson in 2002 as an outside sales representative and currently operates as Vice President of Business Development, a position he has held for more than five years. This role allows him to pursue long-term growth opportunities for relationships, customers, and markets of Carson.

Jeff offers relationships infused with integrity. He tasks himself with providing the best solutions that yield maximum benefit for the corporate well-being of Carson and its stakeholders. He meticulously designs engagements that allow all parties to grow their business and exceed profitability goals. Determined honesty at the business table allows his customers to trust the growth plans in place and gives them confidence in future workings with Carson.

Jeff reveals that he witnessed sincere respect for employees during his earliest days at Carson. These refreshing moments allowed him to see a team that embodies earnest values. He respects Carson’s ongoing dedication to upholding the highest standards of principled leadership in the marketplace and strives to fulfill this vision.

Jeff devotes his philanthropic efforts to organizations that assist youth in foster care. He approaches his responsibility to Carson stakeholders by working with a marginalized population that has the ability to make a positive impact when given the appropriate encouragement. By empowering foster youth, Jeff and his Carson colleagues demonstrate their passion for nurturing strong communities.

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