Lance Woodbury


Carson has advanced from humble beginnings in 1938 through generations of thoughtful management to become one of Oregon’s top privately held companies. This accomplishment results from building talent within a community-minded culture that is trusted by thousands of people. Along the way Carson expanded beyond its home state of Oregon to include Washington, California, and Utah. While the company’s roots remain strong in the petroleum products and services industry, Carson counts eight different divisions as core aspects of its portfolio, a portfolio that has evolved based on a commitment to utilize transformational partnerships. This growth testifies to a steadfast spirit that treasures customers, team members, and communities.

A University of Oregon graduate, Lance Woodbury has served Carson in a boots on the ground capacity since 1989. That year this former CPA joined the Carson staff in the accounting department. He progressed through the ranks and assumed the role of Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 1998. In 2002 Lance became President of Carson and has continued to grow the business through acquisitions and other opportunities.

Lance leads Carson with an integrated strategy that leverages individuals operating at peak performance balanced with engaged customers who are invested in the innovative solutions that Carson provides year after year. It is a place where business colleagues become employees and employees rise through the ranks to fill executive roles.

Lance speaks the language of coaching, encouraging leaders to work through their teams to recognize strengths and build corporate capacity through the talent of the individual. Carson executives nurture staff to understand the positive aspect of failure as a path to reexamining tailored strategies for success. Lance demands accountability for these standards within all ranks. This challenging environment harnesses the energies of a team that feels empowered to effect change. It builds the confidence to creatively address and resolve a wide spectrum of customer needs.

Lance invests in communities through a variety of channels. His philanthropic work includes both time and financial commitments to local and national nonprofits. He has devoted countless hours to youth activities with an emphasis on coaching. Throughout these efforts he has tasked himself with finding a way to help every child shine. Lance acknowledges that his work philosophy stems from the diligent ethic his father demonstrated, combined with years on the field searching for ways to make every player feel like a valued contributor to a winning team.

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