Marti Sharp

General Counsel & Compliance Officer

Marti Sharp is the General Counsel and Compliance Officer at Carson, a position she has held since 2012. She oversees all legal work including but not limited to property and business acquisitions, contract drafting and negotiations, legal responsiveness and management of outside counsel, deftly mitigating damage through early intervention when necessary. Marti plays a critical role in compliance matters, implementing policies to support safety measures and risk management. She leads the Safety Committee at Carson and is HAZWOPER certified under OSHA. With almost fifteen years in private practice in environmental law, Marti stands uniquely positioned to help Carson achieve environmental compliance.

Through her role as General Counsel and Compliance Officer Marti focuses on the internal integrity of Carson across all regions to build a league of employees that effortlessly operate in accordance with safety regulations. Her work informs a network of Carson staff comfortably equipped to perform their tasks, knowing that they receive the most current training and support from their corporate home office. This provides an essential element of confidence for the customers of Carson, who have grown to trust the people of Carson through generations of responsible partnerships.

Marti early days at Carson working with branch managers refined her appreciation for the Carson corporate value system. She visits all the corners where Carson operates and has the privilege to encourage off-site teams to understand the significant role that branches play upholding the Carson mission and exhibiting the values within their regions. Carson leaders hold the branch managers in highest esteem. Marti enjoys the opportunity to share how their stories of synergy build a powerful brand that has many faces living out the Carson values in their work and in their communities.

Carson leadership invited Marti to join the team as General Counsel and Compliance Officer because of their shared vision to sustain excellence in environmental stewardship. Industry accolades in this field mean nothing without abiding commitment to safety and a deep-rooted sense of place. Marti leverages her legal background in private practice to help Carson navigate certifications, inspection sites, and agency relationships. Insider knowledge combined with a keen eye on accountability yields a legal and compliance division that proves to be an industry standard.

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