Matt Benz

Vice President of Sales & Operations

Matt Benz is the Vice President of Sales & Operations at Carson. In this capacity, he leads our sales management team to focus on both volume and margin growth through coaching and the implementation of sales structure.

Matt curates an exceptionally capable team that operates with a passion for outperforming industry peers. By leveraging the customer’s key resources, Matt and his colleagues can fine-tune these partnerships and provide comprehensive solutions to complex challenges.

At Carson, Matt discovered strong opportunities for innovation and a dynamic culture poised for nimble action. This inspired the former dot-com leader to transition to the established, privately held company. During the interview process Matt saw a leadership team keen on investing in their internal talent and willing to strategically alter course for the good of the company. His deep respect for personal and professional work-life balance fosters a support structure that allows his colleagues to know they are cared for by leadership.

Matt appreciates that actively encouraging growth and meeting new challenges are part of Carson’s values. He looks for leaders who embrace change and want to make a difference in not only the company they work for but the lives of those they lead. He believes helping people develop is the most rewarding part of leadership and surrounds himself with like-minded peers.

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