Jeff Cooper

Director of Industrial Solutions

Jeff Cooper became a Carson employee in 2000 as an outside sales representative and currently serves as Director of Lubricant Sales. He operates as the lead technical advisor for the sales and services groups. In this capacity he provides resources for his colleagues and customers on innovative lubricant solutions.

Jeff’s longview service approach to his customers typifies the Carson mentality. He has worked with many of his customers for decades because they experience thoughtful service and product innovation that is unmatched. Customers can be confident that these standards of excellence will be upheld now and in the future.

Jeff’s credits his tenure at the company to the personally supportive and professionally stimulating atmosphere nurtured by Carson leadership. He shares that the even during times of team development, his colleagues display an inspiring energy and passion for learning that yields a corporate desire to remain at the pinnacle of industry standards.

Jeff notes that the branch offices create vital channels for Carson to engage in a variety of communities even though Carson reaches a broad geographic swath. These offices are an integral part of the Carson family, the helping hands that work in solidarity with the corporate vision while backing the nonprofit interests specific to their satellite communities.

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