Karalee Black

Director of Operational Efficiency and Optimization

Karalee Black started with Carson at an entry level position with a regional branch and learned Carson from the ground floor.  Through her determination in mastering key operation systems, she became an integral part of Carson and how we operate. She has streamlined business functions and led the adaptation of standardized company guidelines across branches in product marketing, pricing, training, and building of relationships. In recognition of her leadership and import to operational development, Carson invited Karalee to join us as Director of Operational Efficiency & Optimization.

In this role, Karalee has been integral to Carson’s growth by helping existing and new branches get on board faster and transitions go smoothly across all levels of business. She has repeatedly demonstrated skill in training facility and operation teams to work efficiently.

Karalee’s biggest strengths are listening and understanding, which she relies on to build relationships, bridge gaps between customers, vendors and employees, problem solve, and train staff. She has initiated multiple changes with significant responsibility and leadership. She was instrumental, for example, in the implementation of a new fuel credit card system coordinated between government and contractors.

Always a community-first type of person, Karalee Black has been a volunteer for the County Fair, worked with Youth League Sports, and has been heavily involved with Chamber of Commerce in a leadership role.

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