Nate Woodbury

Senior Director of Supply & Risk Management

Nate Woodbury is the Director of Pricing at Carson. He applies his training in economics to a variety of divisions within the company. His chief responsibilities include pricing, market and cost analysis and inventory and risk management.

Nate works closely with the sales department in his role at Carson to determine the most strategically beneficial pricing structures for our customers. He relies on the sales team to understand all facets of our customers’ operations and works closely with each of them so that he can create advantageous pricing tailored for their success and growth. Nate dedicates himself to prompt internal service so that sales staff can respond quickly to the changing needs of Carson’s clients.

Nate explains that the collegiality at Carson creates a familial atmosphere where the staff encourage one another. This spirit radiates through all the departments, promoting a networked push for innovation and improvement.

Nate believes the Carson mission to maximize efficiency and productivity while encouraging community building creates a unique internal drive. This helps Carson maintain strong relationships by providing Carson employees tools and freedom to build ideas with suppliers and corporate peers to aid in the overall growth of the industry. Carson employees develop strong relationships within a variety of business communities to stay at the forefront of best practices across corporate sectors. They consciously focus support in local branches throughout California, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

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