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1. Why choose Carson for your cardlock fleet fuel card?

If your business is in Oregon, Carson is the smart choice for your cardlock card. We operate 25% of the cardlock stations in Oregon, and provide both CFN and Pacific Pride cards. Your Carson fuel cards give you access to all CFN and Pacific Pride stations across the country as well as many major retail carriers.

No matter which network you purchase from – CFN, Pacific Pride, or both – you’ll pay on ONE convenient invoice.

2. Who qualifies for a cardlock card?

Federal and state law limits who can be a cardlock member. In order to qualify you must fall into ONE of the following categories:

  1. Own a business or farm
  2. Only purchasing diesel
  3. Non-Oregon resident*

*The State of Oregon prohibits self-service of gasoline products. As cardlocks are unmanned fuel stations, residents of Oregon are not able to purchase gasoline products at cardlock stations unless they are on a businss or farm account AND purchase a minimum of 900 gallons of fuel per year.

3. Can I purchase gasoline using my Carson Cardlock fuel card?

Carson is an Oregon-based cardlock provider with customers in multiple states. Regardless of their location, all of our cardlock customer accounts must comply with Oregon State Law. One unique feature of Oregon State Law is regarding the prohibition of self-serve gasoline products. This regulation extends not only to retail gas stations but also to cardlock fuel stations. Nevertheless, Oregon State Law permits gasoline cardlock purchases, subject to specific conditions based on the account type and account holder’s home state.

Business & Farm Accounts: Businesses and farms who purchase at least 900 gallons of total fuel (any fuel type) are able to add gasoline to their Carson Cardlock Account.  The State of Oregon requires proof of business or farm status to activate gasoline purchases on your cardlock account.

Individual Accounts for Oregon Residents: Oregon State Law does not allow gasoline purchases on individual account holders living in the state of Oregon. Your Carson Cardlock Account will be set to diesel-only.

Individual Accounts for Non-Oregon Residents: Oregon State Law allows gasoline purchases on your cardlock account with very specific conditions and parameters. Your Carson Representative will review the options with you during the onboard process.

UPDATE 7/31/2023: While a repeal of the self-serve ban is slated to go into law on August 4th, 2023, the Oregon Fire Marshal has shared that there will be no immediate changes to Oregon cardlock rules. 

5. How do I apply for a cardlock card?

If you meet one of the approved categories listed above  (a) own business or farm, b) diesel-only purchases, or c) non-Oregon resident), click the “Apply for a Carson Fuel Card” button and answer a few short questions. A Carson representative will reach out to learn more about your business, guide you through the cardlock application process, and help you optimize your cardlock account – and will be your go-to for all your future cardlock needs.

4. What happens if I don’t meet the minimum 900 gallons for gasoline purchases?

If your business has not met the required annual minimum purchase of 900 gallons of fuel within a membership year, the State of Oregon mandates that EITHER 1) your cardlock account be switched to diesel only OR 2) your cardlock account be closed. Fuel purchases made outside of cardlock can be applied to the 900 gallon minimum. Purchases of diesel and other fuel types also apply to the 900-gallon minimum requirement set forth the by the State of Oregon.

There are no minimums on the purchase of diesel fuel.

It’s ok if you do not know right now how much fuel you purchase annually. A designated Carson representative will help you work through this and other parameters when setting up your cardlock account.

6. Can I pay online?

Yes, you can pay online using Carson’s Customer Portal. Please contact us at the button below if you would like to be set up on our Carson Customer Portal.

7. Can I see how much fuel my business uses on a report?

Yes, the Carson Customer Portal is the best tool to monitor fuel use and patterns over time. We highly encourage all fuel card customers to regularly review usage reports. If you are a current customer and are not yet set up on the Carson Customer Portal, please contact us.

8. What settings should I assign to my cardlock cards?

Nearly every aspect of a cardlock fuel purchase can be limited from your cardlock account settings. These settings protect your business in the event a card is lost or stolen and/or you become the target of fuel theft. As part of the onboard process, your assigned Carson representative will work with you to determine the best settings for your business. You can find a detailed list of cardlock settings here. Please note that account and card changes cannot be made via the Carson Customer Portal. Our Cardlock Support Team will gladly review and update account settings for you.

9. I need to make a change to my cardlock account and/or a card. What should I do?

Contact your assigned Carson representative, our Carson Cardlock Department at 800.998.7767, extension 1013 or click on the “Report a cardlock or card” button below. For changes to tax-exempt status, find the “Certification of Oregon Use Fuel Tax Exempt Status” (PUC) form here. Account and card changes cannot be made via the Carson Customer Portal.

10. I suspect an employee is stealing fuel. What should I do?

Contact our Carson Cardlock Department immediately at 800.998.7767, extension 1013. Our Cardlock Support Team will talk over the options with you.

11. There is an issue at a Carson cardlock station. How do I report it?

Call our Cardlock Department at 800.998.7767, extension 1013 or click on the “Report a Cardlock Issue” button below.

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