Why It’s So Important to Order Home Heating Oil Early

Share this PostGet on top of your home heating oil plan this fall Why scrambling to get your tank filled could leave you out in the cold Experts from the National Energy Assistance Directors' Association (NEADA) predict the average U.S. household will pay $992 in heating costs this season, a 10.5 percent increase over last year. And that’s just the ... Read More

Carson partners with Renewable Lubricants

Share this PostCarson's leading the way with a new partnership to bring top green lubricants to the Northwest market High quality, bio-lubricants are the lubricants of choice for environmentally sensitive jobsites, agricultural applications, and municipalities. Increasingly, state and federal regulations are demanding stricter environmental oversight on the lubricants used in the marine environment, food processing and others. American manufacturer, Renewable ... Read More

Start Clean. Stay Clean.

Share this PostLubricant contamination, particulates, and machine failure Machinery today runs at high levels of proficiency and precision. The proper lubrication for tight tolerances is essential to the lifespan and effectiveness of your equipment. Contaminated and dirty lubricants substantially impact performance. Frequently cited studies suggest that 82 percent of machine wear is particle-induced. This wear results in higher maintenance costs ... Read More

The diesel engine’s evolution to clean-burning DEF

Share this PostThe “greening” of diesel in North America has been an evolving process. Today, collectively, the diesel standards for fuel and engine technologies for on and off-road vehicles and marine vessels reduce diesel’s harmful emissions by more than 90 percent. In addition to increasingly stringent regulations requiring ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) in everything from highway vehicles to locomotive and ... Read More

Looking for a career with competitive pay and job security? Drive a truck.

Share this PostIf you're a truck driver, then you already know that your skills are in high demand. The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) 2017 Top Issues report for the trucking industry shows driver shortage to be the number one industry concern. The American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates a current shortfall of 48,000 drivers with an estimate that the deficit ... Read More

Dirt Track Racing in Oregon is a Family Affair

Share this PostDaysen Thomas’ dad used to race cars in Alaska when he was a young man. After moving to Oregon and starting a family, he used to take Daysen out to the Cottage Grove Speedway every weekend for some father-son bonding time. One weekend at the track, there was a car for sale. “There was this cage car,” recalls ... Read More

Do you have a fuel purchasing policy? You should.

Share this PostControl fuel expenses, administrative cost and slippage Imagine you’ve just been made aware that a trusted employee has been submitting gas receipts for their personal vehicle for years. Or, a fleet driver has been filling up their own vehicle or a relative's vehicle on their company-issued fuel card. You'd not only want to get your money back, but ... Read More

When’s the best time to replace your furnace?

Share this PostHow to know when it’s time to upgrade your heating and cooling systems, and when to make the upgrades. Did you breathe a sigh of relief when the heating season looked to be coming to its end? Maybe your gas or electric bills seemed exceptionally high this year, or perhaps you're trying to get by without having to ... Read More

More Lubricant Prices Increases in Store for 2018

Share this PostWhile the lubricant market is no stranger to price changes, word is this year’s shaping up to be a doozy. So, we thought we’d take a few minutes to do some digging and see what kind of answers we could find. Who’s Announcing Price Increases? According to Lubes’n’Greases February 2018 Newsletter: Excel Paralubes (Phillips 66/Flint Hill Resources), Petro-Canada, ... Read More