Carwash Support Equipment

Carson Carwash offers our customers with carwash support equipment. We offer the following carwash support equipment for your business:

  • Purclean- New Wave Industries
    • Water treatment, reverse osmosis, spot free systems, reclaim systems, and filtration systems
  • J.E. Adams
    • Vacuum, shampoo machines, fragrances, and air and water machines
  • Rinnai- On-demand Hot Water System
  • Washlink System
    • Carwash controllers, collision controls, and point of sale systems
  • Standard Change
    • Bill changers and vending machines
  • Unitec Electronics
    • Pay point systems and wash communication
  • Airlift Doors, Inc.
    • Alaska extreme door packages and airlift’s openers
  • Access
    • Wash Activation System
  • Hotsy
    • Hot and cold water pressure washers

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