Sustainable Lubricants, Fluids & Greases

Carson partners with Renewable Lubricants
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A member of the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition, Carson leads our industry by providing sustainable alternatives to petroleum products. That’s why we’ve partnered with Renewable Lubricants™, the world’s leading researcher and manufacturer of high-performance, bio-based lubricants.

Renewable Lubricants has been pioneering sustainable lubricants for over 30 years. Using a patented system, they transform agricultural sources into green alternatives that meet or exceed the performance of petroleum-based oils. With a catalog of over 250 products, they have something for every industry: marine, agricultural, food processing, construction, sanitation, transportation, and more.

Substituting Renewable Lubricants for traditional lubricants is also smart business. Sustainable lubricants, greases, and fluids can make your bid more attractive to city governments. Renewable Lubricants’ products meet the EPA Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) standards for specific industries. And should an accidental spill occur, your business could avoid costly expenses for environmental contamination and health hazards.

Want to know if we have a sustainable alternative for a lubricant, grease, or fluid used by your business? Call Us at 503.224.8500.