The Carson Perspective: Attack on Saudi Arabia Refinery & Impact on Northwest Fuel Prices

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As markets reel in reaction to the recent drone attack on a Saudi Arabia oil refinery, we’d like to take a moment to give you the Carson perspective…

Despite the volatility over the last 48 hours, we at Carson do not anticipate long-term impact on our fuel prices here in the United States. US oil production is at record levels and we export large volumes of crude oil overseas. If need be, the US could cut some of those exports to protect national fuel prices. Globally, Saudi Arabia and OPEC were already pursuing cuts to their production and there are many countries that have the capacity to make up any deficit caused by the recent attack on Saudi Arabia.

At Carson, we understand your concern. Fuel is the #1 overhead cost for many of our customers. To protect your business from market volatility, Carson offers our Fixed Forward Program, which locks in fuel prices for months at a time. This allows you to operate your business without the stress that fluctuating fuel prices will throw your bottom line. Right now, Carson’s Fixed Forward customers are calmly watching their competitors ride the market roller-coaster, even if we expect it to be a short one.

Call your Carson rep or 800.998.7767 if you have questions about Carson’s Fixed Forward Program.