Trust Carson as the partner to turn to for a wide variety of products and services that go far beyond fuels & lubricants.

It’s About More Than Just Oil

Our roots in petroleum products and services date back to our origins in 1938, and still remain strong to this day.  In fact, we’re one of the state’s largest home heating oil providers. But did you know we’ve offered an expanded family of other complimentary products and services for decades? Just our residential and commercial HVAC services alone go back to the early 1970s. Over the years we’ve added not only heating & cooling but transload services, cleaning equipment, carwash supplies and service, industrial solutions and retail options. There’s a lot to explore.

The Advantages of One Provider

If you only need us for one of our services, we’re here for you. But there are many great advantages to choosing Carson as a single source provider. Less “vendor juggling”. Reduced paperwork. One point of accountability. All of which adds up to fewer headaches.

It’s this unique combination of capabilities that makes Carson the preferred solution for many organizations tired of the multi-vendor balancing act. Everyone from small gas stations to large scale farms to some of the biggest industrial organizations in the northwest appreciate the value and simplicity our services deliver. What could we do for you?