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Zach is Carson Northwest's Regional Business Development Manager and a Certified Lubrication Specialist

“Zach is my guy! He is on the spot when I have a need. He provides me information to keep me informed with modern fuel and lubrication trends. He is an asset to myself and my team!”

Gilbert Tinocotena

H&H Lumber

Meet Zachary Bycott

Regional Business Development Manager – CLS, MLT-1

Zach has been with Carson for over five years. He started in our inside sales division covering Southern Oregon and after a year and half moved to New Business Outside Sales covering our Northern Territories. He is now a Regional Business Development Manager for our Northwest Team. Zach possesses outstanding expertise in his field. In 2022, he received his Machinery Lubrication Technician (MLT-1) certification and last year Zach became a Certified Lubrication Special (CLS). Here’s how Zach can help you: 

Zach is an expert when it comes to reviewing customers lubrication programs and helping them optimize the reliability and life span of their equipment. He has helped many of our customers thrive by improving their operations. Let Zach be your trusted advisor!

Zach will help you ensure a cost-effective and efficient fueling program by developing tailored solutions that optimize fuel purchasing through fixed forward contracts and storage options.

Enhance your in-house expertise by partnering with Zach. His CLS and MLT-1 licenses make him a valuable asset for maintenance teams seeking expert guidance and on their lubrication-based needs. 


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