Why use Carson Industrial Solutions for Your Business

Today’s fuels run cleaner and under tighter variances than ever before. To get high performance from your equipment and meet strict environmental standards, fuel monitoring and tank maintenance are essential. Protect your capital investment and realize the ultimate lifespan of your system with Carson Industrial Solutions.

From oil sampling to fluid conditioning and reclamation programs, our services can significantly decrease your petroleum purchases and your used oil waste stream. Our customizable programs maintain your entire fueling system, including consultation and construction of a new commercial fuel site to regulatory testing and reporting (SP001).

Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

  • Tank Inspections with our proprietary ultrasound system
  • Tank cleaning and decontamination
    • Prepare/clean tank to receive ISOCLEAN fuels
    • Confined-space-entry fuel tank cleaning
  • Fuel purification including high-velocity flushing
  • Mitigation services
  • Compliance with all industry and regulatory standards, including local fire marshall
  • Fuel site maintenance, including multiple sites
  • Fuel site equipment installation

Diesel Fuel Contamination Solutions

  • Identify and mitigate excess moisture and particulate contamination
  • Identify and mitigate bacterial growth
  • Maintain OEM standards
  • Varnish removal
  • Review and remediate contamination sources

Emergency Power and Critical Infrastructure Solutions

  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of emergency power generators for hospitals, 911 centers, state agencies, municipal buildings, and large multi-family/multi-use buildings
  • Fuel polishing system install
  • Desiccant breather system install
  • Bi-annual or annual service
  • Third-party lab testing

Carson Industrial Solutions offers a comprehensive list of services in the Pacific Northwest extending throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Idaho. Many of our custom solutions are available with no system downtime.

Contact Carson Industrial Solutions today at 503.224.8500 to get started on your customized program.