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Carson Industrial Solutions provides your business with reliable economic solutions for industrial and environmental challenges. From oil sampling to fluid conditioning and reclamation programs, our service solutions are designed to increase the life of your valuable equipment and the usefulness of your petroleum products. Whether you use our fuels and lubricants or purchase them from another distributor, our solution services can assist you in evaluating and examining options. These programs provide opportunities to significantly decrease your petroleum purchases and your used oil waste stream.

Each reclamation program is customized to help you meet the requirements of all OEM manufacturers, and we will continue to improve and help you meet those requirements. Our fluid reclamation program uses proven technology that assures your fluid will be reclaimed to meet your cleanliness specifications, and that the reclaimed fluid will meet or exceed the specifications of new fluid.

Our on-site reclamation and fluid conditioning process will take your wet and/or dirty oil and return it to new, or cleaner and dryer than new condition, saving you the time and money of draining and replacing the oil. In most cases, reclamation costs only 1/3 of what new oil would cost. In addition, you also receive the added advantage of decreasing your company’s waste stream, promoting a cleaner, healthier environment.

Carson Industrial Solutions offers a comprehensive list of services in the Pacific Northwest extending throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Idaho. From hospital diesel fuel generator tanks to power plant turbine oil systems, we have the ability to provide services with emergency response situations and planned shutdowns.

In today’s world of sophisticated equipment and OEM warranties, you can rely on us to ensure that your equipment and its fluid is operating within specification. We deliver value by:
  • Eliminating new fluid purchases
  • Meeting or exceeding OEM specifications
  • Performing processes without downtime
  • Providing real-time analysis
  • Verifying results through an independent laboratories
  • Providing turn-key servicing
  • Eliminating waste oil through reclamation
Varnish or lacquer is a high molecular weight substance that is insoluble in oil. If left untreated, varnish insolubles will agglomerate into a larger particles and deposit on machinery surfaces, especially around critical small clearance areas and orifices. This film will build over time and cause numerous problems including mechanical wear, system sticking, filter plugging, poor heat transfer, catalytic deterioration of the lubricant, and eventual mechanical failure.

Varnish Removal Services

  • Varnish is a large problem in today’s stressed industrial environments. Carson Industrial Solutions is a leader in removing varnish in turbine, hydraulic and industrial circulating systems utilizing both service and equipment offerings and a unique process to help remove varnish and maintain system cleanliness. This process will:
    • Identify  current fluid properties
    • Identify current fluid varnish potential rating
    • Determine system varnish build up
    • Clean system and varnish from fluid
    • Install electrostater filtration unit
    • Trend fluid properties

Our Results

  • Reduction in varnish build-up and failures
  • Reduced lubricant and filter costs
  • Elimination of disposal and environmental costs
A high percentage of equipment failures are caused by contamination concealed in reservoirs, tanks, coolers, housings and system piping.
  • High Velocity Flushing
    • Carson Industrial Solutions purpose-built equipment achieves the maximum cleanliness levels for start-up and reliability through an exclusive process.
  • Tank Decontamination
  • System reservoirs and storage tanks are often a major source of contamination for a fluid system. These high-volume, low-flow zones collect large amounts of contamination. Carson Industrial Solutions tank decontamination prevents these contaminants from building-up & dislodging into critical equipment zones.

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