How a Legacy Fossil Fuel Company Can Lead the Way with Carbon Emissions Reduction in the Transportation Sector

Update: Carson was featured as a Spotlight Member on the website of Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition.

[Portland, Oregon | January 18, 2019]

Carson Team is a Northwest market leader in providing clean energy solutions to the transportation and shipping sectors. We continue our commitment to supporting product and policy innovations in domestically produced alternatives to petroleum-based fuels through our new Silver-level membership with the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition.

The Coalition’s distinguished membership roster includes many Carson partners and customers paving the way to a new, renewable transportation model. Carson’s renewable diesel, bio-diesel and bio-lubricants have been an integral part of successful carbon-emission reduction initiatives in the private and public sector. Recent successes include providing renewable diesel to a pilot project with Eugene Water & Electric Board’s Fleet Management proving a transition to more efficient, cleaner fuel alternatives to be financially viable for municipalities.

Carson is already an active participant in programs directed at meeting The Governor’s 10-Year Energy Action Plan for converting large fleets to energy efficient fuel sources and other advocacy programs for clean fuel incentives including the Oregon Clean Fuels Program and Renewable Fuels Standards initiatives.

As members of the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition, Carson will further our mission to improve air quality in the Northwest while investing in our region’s and industry’s economic success.