Consolidate Vendors to an All in One Equipment & Fleet Performance Solution

As an all-in-one vendor, Carson keeps your valuable equipment investments powered and running at optimal performance.

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If your business runs any kind of equipment – whether it’s on the road, at a mill, in a shop or station, at the construction site, across a newly plowed field or deep in the forest – chances are you work with a variety of vendors to keep your equipment operating.

You closely monitor  on and off-road fuels for the lowest price. Currently, you procure some fuel from a network of nearby stations near and have a few bulk fuels delivered directly to your property.  But it doesn’t stop there. Your newer diesel motors require Diesel Exhaust Fluid and your forklifts run on propane, so you work with different vendors for those items.

You want to protect your equipment investments, so you look for best-in-class lubricants to keep equipment running. When you have a job  on the water or at a sensitive job site, you look for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs). You’re concerned about minimizing downtime and maximizing equipment life, and you source lubricants cleaned to strict manufacturer specifications to ensure longevity and protect equipment warranties. And you sometimes do your own maintenance, so you hunt for cost effective solutions to dispose of waste oils.

You also might use cleaning equipment to wash away the grime and prevent rust with chemicals that make the job easier and consume less water when the day is done.

Thing is, most fuel and lubricant providers can meet, at best, maybe two or three of these requirements, even though it’d be ideal to have one resource for them all.

Vendor consolidation is a strategy smart companies utilize

While the concept isn’t anything new, the incredible benefits of vendor consolidation are often overlooked. It allows for higher volume orders and reduced freight costs, making your dollars stretch further.  Fewer vendors means fewer accounting and reconciliation hassles.  And ultimately, one point of contact and accountability.

Multiple Vendors

  • Multiple points of contact
  • Complex training
  • Time coordinating across vendors
  • Complex vendor portfolio management
  • Back-office staff to manage vendors

Single Vendor

  • Stretch your dollars
  • Single point of contact
  • Single point of accountability
  • Single service contract
  • Single RFP
  • Streamline procurement process
  • Fewer meetings
  • Less paperwork
  • Stronger partnerships

Carson as your all-in-one partner

If you already use Carson for fuels or lubricants, why not both?  While you’re at it, turn to us for DEF. We’re not only a diesel exhaust fluid provider, we’re the northwest’s largest manufacturer.  But that’s just the basics.

Our real all-in-one advantage includes access to a full line of renewable lubricants for an increasing number of projects and worksites requiring Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants.

We also offer ISOCleaned lubricants. With ISOClean, your lubricants come free of contaminants to strict manufacturing standards so you’ll maximize equipment life and minimize downtime.

If you run a shop of any kind, you’re probably paying more and more to dispose of your waste oil each year.  What if, instead, you could eliminate that waste oil disposal expense by using it to heat your shop during the colder months? With a CleanBurn® Waste Oil Furnace or Boiler, you can heat your shop during the winter months using your waste oil instead of paying for its disposal.

Speaking of equipment that can help you around your shop or yard, by keeping your fleet and equipment clean with our Hotsy® and Alkota® pressure washers you’ll increase the longevity of your equipment.

When you consider the value of the total offering, Carson offers so much more than oil and fuel.  We not only keep you running, we help maximize equipment life, reduce vendor dependency, record keeping and reconciliation – all while providing a single point of accountability.

Discover more about our consolidated product and services solutions for your industry:

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