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Carson is the leading provider of heating oil in Pacific Northwest.


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Additional tips and things to know about heating oil.


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Where Warmth Meets History

Heating Oil is at the heart of Carson’s legacy. Since 1938, we’ve been on a mission to ensure families experience warmth every winter. With 12 branches, we are the leading heating oil provider in Oregon and have grown to serve bordering communities in Washington and Idaho. 

Carson’s committed team employs radio-dispatched delivery and service vehicles, coupled with an advanced computer system, to seamlessly cater to our customers’ needs. Our commitment to on-time deliveries, flexible payment options, and service paired with a genuine personal touch, positions Carson as the ultimate choice for total home heating value.


Order heating oil directly from your local Carson branch. You can find the phone number for the nearest Carson office by clicking on the associated icon in the map below. Or send us an email by clicking on the “Request Delivery” button.

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Say goodbye to the stress of monitoring tank levels, scheduling deliveries, and worrying about running out of heating oil. Our Keep Full Program calculates your usage and automatically times deliveries. 

We know heating oil furnaces.

We’re so passionate about making sure our customers are taken care of that we’ve been repairing furnaces for over 50 years!

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Things to Know About Heating Oil Tanks
  1. Most homes will consume 3 – 5 gallons of heating oil per day during the winter (depending on insulation and size of your home).
  2. In the summer, condensation can collect inside your tank, introducing water into your heating oil. This encourages microbial growth, leading to sludge that collects in the bottom of your tank. It also can corrode your tank from the inside out. For this reason, we recommend filling your tank at the end of the Spring – plus you’ll be ready for next Winter!
  3. Running yourself out of heating oil not only means spending time in the cold, it means sucking up sludge that can harm your furnace.
  4. If you don’t have a gauge, we sell specialized measuring sticks with a conversion chart no matter what size of your tank.
Heating Oil Supply During Cold Weather Snaps

When a cold snap hits, demand can go through the roof.  If the weather’s bad enough, roads and other infrastructure can be closed or only offer limited access. As a home owner, calling around to get heating oil during an event like this can be very stressful and uncertain.

We are constantly monitoring weather forecasts. When a cold spell approaches, we review our Keep Full members and ensure those with approaching deliveries are serviced prior to the weather event.

We are dedicated to offering competitive pricing and will ALWAYS do our best to serve every family in need in need of heating oil. If you are a will-call customer, waiting until the last minute to order during a severe weather event may lead to higher prices and jeopardize our ability to provide service when you need it the most. 

Carson Commitment to Healthy Communities

Carson is an original member of the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition and is a Northwest leader in the movement toward more sustainable fuels. That’s why we only provide BioHeat, a blended heating oil that significantly reduces the emissions that cause global warming, smog, and acid rain. 

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