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Kelly is one of our Regional Business Development Managers serving both sides of the Columbia Gorge & Basin.

“I am very impressed with Kelly’s professionalism and business acumen.  She always has relevant suggestions, it always feels like it’s for my business and its benefit.”

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson

Meet Kelly May

Regional Business Development Representative, Carson Central

Kelly has been helping customers with their needs for over 23 years. Her time-tested expertise in providing optimal solutions and unforgettable service have made her a trusted advisor to business owners across diverse industries throughout the region. You will find her serving our customers in Eastern and Central Oregon. Here’s how she can help you:

Kelly is dedicated to offering our customers the best service and even better prices. She listens deeply and learns everything she needs to know about your business to help it thrive. Here’s how she can help you:

Kelly will develop an in-depth understanding of your business and build personalized solutions to benefit it. She demonstrates genuine care in providing solutions with competitive pricing and a quick response time.

Kelly is great a communicator. You can count on her to be fully engaged as a trusted advisor and strategic partner to help your business grow.

Kelly works closely with cross-functional teams such as product manufacturers and suppliers, operations, finance and marketing departments to coordinate Carson resources to move your business forward. Her decades of people and project management experience have made her fully equipped to deliver on our commitment to our customers.


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