Portland Traffic Cams

View road and weather conditions from a variety of Portland traffic cams from your computer or smart phone. Thanks to the Oregon Department of Transportation for hosting the traffic cams.

I5 at Interstate Bridge NB lanes     I5 at Interstate Bridge SB lanes, north end     I5 Vancouver, WA at SR-14


I-205 at Airport Way    I-205 at Government Island    i-84 at Grand


I-405 at Everett    US26 at East Vista Ridge Tunnel    I-5 at I405 Naito Parkway


  US26 at Jefferson Off Ramp    US26 at Sylvan Interchange - Skyline


US26 at ORE217    ORE217 at Walker    ORE217 at Scholls Ferry Road


I-5 at ORE217    US26 at 185th Street     I-5 at 205


I-205 at ORE212-224    I-84 at 205    I-205 Wash-Vancouver at Mill Plain