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Ross is one of our Outside Sales specialists serving both sides of the Idaho & Oregon Border

“Customer service has been great and we get all of our products from one spot now. Every time there is an issue Ross is able to make things happen to take care of it. I have no complaints at all. Before we had two or three vendors to take care of what Campo & Poole does for us now.”

Kenny B

Ada County Landfill

Meet Ross Walker

Outside Sales Representative, Carson Ontario

Ross is a highly trusted partner to our Carson customers and is also the business specialist for our Campo & Poole branch in Ontario, OR. With 16 years of experience helping customers make money, save money, save time, and reduce the hassle of daily stressors in business, Ross is determined in his resolve to help his customers succeed. Here is how Ross can help:

Ross can help you get your fuel to the right place, at the right time, at a competitive price. 

Whether you need temporary fuel tanks for a job or to tackle a complex project, Ross has the experience to help.  

Ross will work with you to assess your fuel card program and make recommendations to save money, reduce admin time spent entering fuel expenses, and set individualized security measures to protect your cards from unauthorized use.

Whether you are looking for Chevron, Valvoline, Jax or other specialty products Ross is committed to asking the right questions to ensure you get the right-fit quality lubricant that meets your equipment needs.


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