Why Hot Water Pressure Washing is So Important

A hot water pressure washer, like this Hotsy, cuts through muck and grime much better than a traditional cold-water pressure washer.

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The benefits of hot water pressure washing

If you’re cleaning more than dirt, let heat do the work

Heavy-duty equipment in commercial and industrial applications gets dirty with more than just mud. Grease, oil, and other grime can impact the function and safety of your automated processes.

Unlike cold water, hot water contains faster-moving molecules that make it a better solvent. When combined with the power of the water supplied by the pressure washing equipment, hot water kicks your cleaning power up a notch.

Why should you regularly pressure-wash your equipment?

For today’s precisely engineered machinery, regular cleaning has a multitude of benefits from equipment longevity to labor costs. Clean equipment lasts longer, costs less to run and results in fewer accidents. Hot or cold, pressure washing is a critical component of your equipment maintenance.  Hotsy hot water pressure washing a truck

Preventative maintenance

When your equipment is clean and in good working order, you can more easily identify needed maintenance including metal fatigue, leaking fittings, and rust. Combine regularly scheduled cleaning with routine inspection and any potential issues can be addressed before more serious problems arise.  Avoid being stuck with unscheduled, and expensive downtime.

Keep equipment from overheating

Dirt and grease-soaked equipment is a thermal trap and can result in engine overheating. From an overall shorter lifespan to unexpected shut-downs mid-operation, downtime on an overheated machine can have a cascading effect down your whole production chain.

Reduce potential for part failure

Foreign matter in your systems is a recipe for wear and tear resulting in parts and equipment failure. Dirt and grime are abrasive and create excessive stress on your critical operations.

Improve performance

Protecting your investment and trusting that it is running at peak performance capacity begins with a clean machine. Send a signal to your operators that you value the work environment through clean and orderly equipment The resulting pride of ownership will result in higher work ethic and productivity. Plus, pressure washing gets the cleaning job done much more quickly than conventional methods – freeing up crew time for more critical tasks.

Improve safety

Foreign debris and contaminants contribute to unreliable equipment and unsafe working environments. Heavy, slippery or volatile debris-build-up can result in injuries ranging from ergonomic and slip-and-fall to more dangerous situations like a blow-out of high-pressure oil or voltage. Clean, well-maintained equipment will reduce your risk exposure.

Reduce water expenses

Pressure washing using many fewer gallons of water per minute of use than non-pressured systems. For example, a typical garden hose will blow through eight gallons of water per minute, while a pressure system will only use two to three gallons. The high-speed cleaning power additionally decreases the amount of water required. This combined savings can result in a decrease of upwards of 75 percent water usage on cleaning activities.

Carson carries a variety of hot pressure washing systems from both Hotsy and Alkota.  Either line is perfect for your job site or shop specifications. Our Hotsy brand of pressure washers come with the additional security of certified safety standards. To find out more about pressure washing equipment, service and maintenance programs from call us at call us at 503.283.4011